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Follow-Up Card X of X: Finance

When it comes to investment into core financial processes, what are your outcome priorities?

Reducing the number of days it takes to close annual books

Reducing days sales outstanding (one time benefit)

Discovering or preventing fraud and reducing associates loses

Reducing our finance costs

Reducing audit costs

Follow-Up Card X of X: Supply Chain

When investing in your supply chain management processes, what are your outcome priorities?

Reducing revenue loss due to stock-outs

Reducing days products spend in inventory

Reduce the costs of carrying your inventory

Reduce inventory obsolescence

Enhance productivity in supply chain planning

Reduce total logistics costs

Follow-Up Card X of X: Sales and Distribution

When it comes to investment into your sales and distribution processes, what are your outcome priorities?

Reduce the churn of customers

Redue sales costs

Reduce the cost of order management

Reduce the cost of processing returned goods

Follow-Up Card X of X: Service

When it comes to investment into your service and customer support processes, what are your outcome priorities?

Reduce Revenue Leakage

Reduce Service Delivery and Support Cost

Reduce Cost of Non Compliance to Service Contract

Reduce Service Parts Inventory Carrying Cost

Follow-Up Card X of X: Sourcing and Procurement

When it comes to investment into your sourcing and procurement processes, what are your outcome priorities?

Reduce Procurement Function Costs

Improve Supplier Compliance (Spend Management)

Improve User (Spec & Vendor) Compliance

Increase Sourcing Savings by Enhanced Supplier Visibility

Reduce Accounts Payable Error

Follow-Up Card X of X: Manufacturing

When it comes to investment into your manufacturing processes, what are your outcome priorities?

Reduce Total Manufacturing Costs

Reduce Manufacturing Cycle Time

Reduce Scrap Value

Follow-Up Card X of X: Research and Development

When it comes to investment into your research and development processes, what are your outcome priorities?

Increase Revenue from New Products

Optimize Research and Development Expense

Reduce Engineering Change Cost

Follow-Up Card X of X: Asset Management

When it comes to investment into your asset management processes, what are your outcome priorities?

Reduce Un-Planned Downtime Or Outages

Reduce Asset Service and Maintenance Costs

Reduce Asset Risk

Reduce EH&S Penalties & Fines

Reduce EH&S Management Cost

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SAP S/4HANA for Finance

Value Drivers and Solution Enablers

  • Reduce Days to Close Annual Books
    Eliminate the need for reconciliation by using a single transaction table for general ledger, controlling, asset accounting, and inventory accounting items. Eliminate the need to store items in a special ledger by doing intercompany reconciliation with real-time access to open items in accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (One Time Benefit)
    Cut days sales outstanding with insight into customer positions during every interaction
  • Reduce Finance Cost
    Eliminate the need for reconciliation between the general ledger and subledgers. Decrease costs through automated postings, self-service tools, and mobile access to key information
  • Reduce Losses due to Fraud
    Improve compliance and risk management by automating and standardizing processes, and enforcing corporate and legal policies
  • Reduce Audit Cost
    Reduce cost of audits through audit trails, an audit information system, and retention and reporting of tax data
Accounting & Closing Operations
  • General ledger
  • Asset accounting
  • Inventory accounting
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Revenue and cost accounting
  • Closing operations
  • Financial Reporting
Cost Management
  • Cost management
  • Product cost management
  • Profitability and cost analysis
  • Various transactional and reporting analytics
SAP S/4HANA for Finance

Colt realized significant savings with SAP S/4HANA

  • London-based network company focused on telecommunications and managed Services
  • Network, Voice & Data Centre Services
  • 4800+ employees
  • Over €1.5B revenue

Benefits from S/4HANA for Finance

  • Increasing the speed and accuracy of decision making
  • Enabling the decommissioning of complex legacy systems
  • Building a flexible platform for innovative solutions to adapt to business model changes
  • Driving cost savings and reducing headcounts
Targeted headcount reduction in Finance
Cost savings in operations
2 days
Faster global monthly close
SAP S/4HANA for Finance

Innovabee implements S/4HANA in 6 weeks to change its finance

  • Software and consulting company focused on medium- sized customers
  • 30 year old company with almost 100 employees
  • Will have 4 live S/4HANA customers in June 2016
I already have a lot of experience with financial systems, both as a user and from the customers’ perspective. But SAP S/4HANA Finance is truly revolutionary.
Hansfrieder Weber, CEO

Use of S/4HANA Finance with the Fiori apps improves 3 areas:

  • Liquidity forecast to help accelerate financial decisions
  • 12%
    Reduction in days sales outstanding
  • 64%
    Reduction in the data footprint
  • 2x
    Reduction in time to complete outstanding items including reports and financial clarifications
SAP S/4HANA for Finance

Convergent: Supporting 200% Growth with SAP S/4HANA

  • Headquarters
    Calgary, Canada
  • Industry
    Professional Services
  • Products and Services
    User experience and mobile solutions for enterprises
  • Employees
  • Revenue
    NT $8 billion
    (USD $244 million)
  • Website
Using SAP S/4HANA is like going from a tricycle for small-business accounting software to a race car. It has enabled Convergent to continue our fast-paced growth and simplified our business processes tremendously.
Shaun Syvertsen, Managing Partner, Convergent IS


  • Support 200% annual growth as international business expands with multiple currencies and foreign exchange risk
  • Create the framework to support a new professional services business line
  • Manage business processes like financial close, invoicing, and supply chain

Why SAP?

  • Trust based on a longtime partnership and proven success for customers


  • Moved to a digital business foundation, with SAP S/4HANA providing the business with a single source of truth
  • Rolled out the SAP Fiori® user experience (UX) to support critical business processes
  • Used the Build tool to help project teams collaborate with business users and create prototypes of enterprise applications with real data


  • Gave the sales team insight into account-specific net margins
  • Tracked hours in real time for accurate invoices and project margin analysis
  • Improved business asset visibility for informed investment decisions
  • Trained new employees with a simple and personalized user experience
Reduction in days sales outstanding
Improvement in vendor spend management compliance
12 days
Cut from period close processing
SAP S/4HANA for Finance

Chinese electronics manufacturer uses S/4HANA to improve productivity

  • Customer produces various automotive electronics, home appliances, security & defense solutions as well a range of other solutions with the application in healthcare, energy, and industrial automation
  • It is one of the "Top 100 Domestic Electronic Enterprises" in China
We would recommend S/4HANA to another customer.
IT Manager
  • Information Technology

    "S/4HANA has a very good infrastructure as an ERP system"
  • Finance

    "Financial end users have fewer reports and perform at higher speed"
SAP S/4HANA for Finance

Swiss Re significantly cuts time to close books

  • Headquarters
    Zurich, Switzerland
  • Industry
    Financial Services, Insurance
  • Products and Services
    Insurance / Re-Insurance in P&C and L&H
  • Employees
  • Revenue
    USD $37.3 billion (2014)
  • Website
It's fulfilling the promises of simplifying the architecture and giving us quicker response times.
Markus Schmid, CIO
Member of Swiss Re's Global Management Board

Reduction in close period: from 55 to 5 days

  • Providing a single source of truth between transactions and analytics to streamline and eliminate cycle times and reconciliation of the data
  • New on-the-fly capabilities formoving finance processing, such as month-end activities, from batch to real time
  • Drive massive IT simplification with an architecture that removes replications and aggregates
SAP S/4HANA for Finance

Everest Textile: real-time enterprise

  • Headquarters
    Tainan City, Taiwan
  • Industry
    Mill Products
  • Products and Services
  • Employees
  • Revenue
    NT $8 billion
    (USD $244 million)
  • Website
  • Partner
    InfoFab Inc.
Having SAP S/4HANA Finance in place is a big plus for us. It certainly reinforces our image for product innovation and process improvement, which in turn strengthens our competitiveness and opens up new business opportunities.
Richard Tseng, Chief Information Officer, Everest Textile Co. Ltd.


  • Support business growth in today's digital and connected economy with an integrated, comprehensive business solution
  • Consolidate and integrate business data across
  • 3 factories to operate and optimize all mission- critical processes in real time
  • Reduce data delays and improve access to connect insight to actions

Why SAP?

  • Proven success of the SAP® S/4HANA Finance solution as a single source of real-time information to drive end-to-end business processes
  • Strong brand influence and technology leadership


  • Implemented SAP S/4HANA Finance to support 500 users
  • Provided an integrated solution covering 3 production sites and numerous lines of business including product development, sourcing, procurement, supply chain, manufacturing, finance, accounting, sales, and service
  • Created a single data management environment that lets users access and analyze the latest data as soon as it is captured, leading to substantial productivity gains

Future Plans

  • Use SAP S/4HANA software to automate the value chain, unlock the potential of the Internet of Things, and realize Industry 4.0
  • Allocate resources in real time when receiving a shop order by instantly running predictive analytics to consolidate production capacity, stock, and materials and send the order to the right factory
SAP S/4HANA for Finance

Spirit Aerosystems: finding a single source of truth

Based in Wichita, Kansas, the world's largest first-tier aerostructures manufacturer
  • $5.4b revenue, spin-off of Boing in 2006
  • 2 major customers (Boing, Airbus)
  • New aftermarket business
Drivers for IT transformation
  • New executive leadership team
  • Lack of visibility to financial performance and drivers at corporate and program levels
  • Divestiture in 2014 to Triumph, M&A, and future divestitures
  • Focus on cost and spending

SAP S/4HANA Finance Innovation Without Disruption

  • From XLS-based analytics to single source of truth globally
  • Real-time on any device with drill-down into line-item details
  • Immediate benefits to Finance Team with better visibility and analytics
  • Platform for continuous innovation to expanded user groups
SAP S/4HANA for Finance

SAP's own use of S/4HANA for Finance: Achieved Value

The SAP HANA journey began in 2012 with the implementation of SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) powered by SAP HANA, and continues today with the implementation of the SAP S/4HANA Finance solution for the SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA.

The business benefits are incredible, with notable statistics highlighted here.

SAP S/4HANA for Supply Chain

Value Drivers and Solution Enablers

  • Reduce Revenue Loss Due To Stock-outs
    Real-time alerts based on current stock requirements with integrated decision support. Significantly improved ATP via fast mass product availability checks for sales, planned and production-orders (all items of an order at once, releasing large production orders). Enhance on-time delivery performance by integrating pick, pack, and ship processes.
  • Reduce Days in Inventory
    Increase inventory turnover by making informed decisions based on accurate demand and supply data. Simplified data model resulting in increased throughput, flexible analytics at the most granular level and accuracy based on primary data.
  • Reduce Inventory Carrying Cost
    Leverage mobile inventory management and warehouse applications via SAP Fiori apps
  • Reduce Inventory Obsolescence
    Get the ability to automate warehouse operations with RFID and sensors with IoT framework for integration to manage just-in-time availability, unit handling, serial numbers, electronic data interchange, and proof of delivery.
  • Enhance Supply Chain Planning Productivity
    Enable personalized views for Planners with relevant analytics
  • Reduce Total Logistics Cost
    Leverage new planning algorithms - leveraging predictive analytics (e.g. demand sensing) algorithm in combination with optimization. Increase process flexibility through optimized logistics processes.
Inventory & Basic Warehouse Management
  • Goods issue
  • Goods receipt
  • Basic warehouse management
  • Basic shipping
Production Planning
  • Materials requirements planning
  • Basic order promising and available to promise
SAP S/4HANA for Supply Chain

Saving money for a large European retailer

  • Large European retailer
  • Over 100 years old, over 1400 stores with 9 million customers daily
  • S/4HANA implemented by NTT/Itelligence
  • Real-time data on previous day’s sales, not 2-3 days later
  • Immediate adjustments: pricing, supplier orders (volume)
We want to be the number one retailer based on customer satisfaction, financial performance and employee satisfaction.
  • #1 nation-wide grocery retailer
  • International retailing
  • Franchises (e.g., Starbucks)
  • Online stores
20% of $150M

The goal to save in the first year of S/4HANA operations.

  • Real-time data on previous day’s sales, not 2-3 days later
  • Immediate adjustments: pricing, supplier orders (volume)
SAP S/4HANA for Supply Chain

Allowing Indeks Bilgisayar retain its leadership in the Turkish IT wholesale distribution

  • $1B Turnover
  • 500 Employees
  • 200+ Suppliers
  • 8000+ Partner Ecosystem
  • #1 Turkish wholesale distributor of computer and related products
For many years, every transaction went into the in-house developed system. It was very tailored but no match for SAP. So for us, agility and fast response was key to select SAP.
SAP S/4HANA for Supply Chain

S/4HANA as the entire value chain platform for a shoe manufacturer

Large manufacturer and distributor of premium shoes

Current platform isn't very efficient. We need something different – with fewer customizations.
Customer CIO
  • €1.2bn turnover
  • 5 factories globally
  • 1,300 shops
  • 19,000 employees
  • Design
  • Tannery
  • Leather
  • Production
  • Sales & Distribution
"With the migration to S/4HANA, we plan to achieve efficiency and new abilities: reduce redundancies especially in the store operations such as returns

We are ready to adjust our business processes and need higher visibility in the production yield, customer profiles, our entire value chain"
SAP S/4HANA for Supply Chain

Ensuring full transparency for CEITEC

  • Centro Nacional de Tecnologia is the first Brazilian semiconductor company
  • Created recently by the Ministry of Technology, CEITEC is $80m in revenue with 300 staff
  • Clients include HP (the largest), as well as governmental agencies such as the Federal Police, the Ministry of Transportation, and specially the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Detailed story
Before, nobody could have visibility into contracts. Now we know exactly how much and when to pay.
Ireneo Alfaro Demanarig, CIO
SAP S/4HANA for Supply Chain

Ensure timely drug delivery to patients for Boryung Pharmaceutical

  • Headquarters
    Seoul, South Korea
  • Industry
    Life sciences
  • Products and Services
  • Employees
  • Revenue
    US$332 million (2015)
  • Web Site
  • Partner
    Global Service & Support organization
SAP S/4HANA Finance helped Boryung drive business process harmonization while improving our operational efficiency. We are now able to tap into a variety of analytical information previously unavailable to us.
Jae Hyun Ahn, COO, Boryung Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.


  • Support global expansion with a coherent business process and streamlined system landscape
  • Establish infrastructure for real-time business management and analytics
  • Simplify IT architecture to lower cost and boost efficiency of IT operations
  • Gain an accurate, full view of cash and reliable liquidity forecasts


  • High visibility and control of business information in real time with the SAP® S/4HANA Finance solution
  • Differentiated implementation methodology to realize time to value with lower total cost of ownership
  • Intuitive design with the simple, personalized SAP Fiori® user experience to meet the expectation of today's business users


  • Simplified financial business processes and IT architecture for real-time business operations and analytics
  • Improved business operation, cash management, and analytics accuracy by adopting the SAP Integrated Business
  • Planning application for finance
  • Minimized deployment risk, eased change management, and increased process visibility using a system based on the "best model company" and SAP Application
Higher on-time delivery performance
Fewer days in raw material inventory
Higher operating margin for in-house manufacturing goods
Less time required for closing period

SAP S/4HANA for Sales & Distribution

Value Drivers and Solution Enablers

  • Reduce Customer Churn
    Increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn by better service levels, enabled by better flow of information on order status and tracking. Reduce billing errors. Simplified data model for pricing.
  • Reduce Sales Cost
    Improve sales processes with accurate, structured, and accessible master data from the simplification of data structures. Allows every organization to access one complete view of the data
  • Reduce Order Management Cost
    Simplified data model for sales and distribution pricing, which stores pricing results from documents, such as sales documents and purchase orders, in a database table. Condition contracts that can help users flexibly define rebate agreements; clearance of condition contracts through the settlement management feature.
  • Reduce Cost of Processing Returned Goods
    SAP Fiori apps to support advanced returns management features, including monitoring complaints and managing customer returns. Trigger follow-up actions, such as inspection of returned material, resolution of issues, processing of a refund, or exchange of materials due to damage or incorrect delivery.
Order & Contract Management
  • Sales master data management
  • Sales contract management
  • Sales order management and processing
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Claims, returns, refunds
  • Sales monitoring & analytics
Inventory & Basic Warehouse Management
  • Goods issue
  • Goods receipt
  • Basic warehouse management
  • Basic shipping
Receivables Processing
  • Accounts receivable
SAP S/4HANA for Sales & Distribution

General Datatech's business skyrockets with S/4HANA

  • Established in 1996, GDT is business integrator
  • The company has expertise in the delivery of enterprise network, collaboration, mobility and data center technologies to service providers and business
  • 650 employees across 10 countries
Customer satisfaction is huge. We can lost some large customer is our response is too slow. So we learned S/4HANA and Fiori. We also see huge opportunities in analytics; this part of our business explodes.
Jonathan Pendrich
  • 50% investments recoup
    Since S/4HANA implementation:
    "Net new business has been fantastic. We gained 50% of our investments in the 1st year; in the second year we expect 200% ROI."
  • 8 new customers
    Since S/4HANA implementation and upselling to the existing GDT customers:
    "We enhanced our business and our portfolio quite a bit with S/4HANA."
  • To win customer business, it was important to have a core product allowing GDT to digitally interact/engage with customers
  • GDT built a custom SAP Fiori app to allow sales people to enter a sales order how the customer wants to see it: "We are very flexible in selling approach and allowing customer to verify their order. This has to be instant."
  • S/4HANA epiphany: "we need to be doing this for our customers!"
  • The company showcases its own use of S/4HANA to customers and prospects via the Customer Briefing Room: "Beyond super-excited when they see it."
  • Reduced
    Year-end financial close from 3 1/2 months to real time
  • Reduced
    Time required for quotes from hours to minutes
  • 2-week
    User adoption period
GDT almost immediately began realizing the benefits of SAP S/4HANA. The time required to turn a sales quote into a sales order and purchase requisition has been reduced to mere days. Additionally, with the automation of some cumbersome, manual processes, the month-end and year-end close processes are well on their way to being reduced at least by half.
Jonathan Pendrich, Managing Principal, General Datatech L.P
SAP S/4HANA for Sales & Distribution

Propelling McInnis Cement to the Best in Class cement supplier in NA

  • $1.1bn investment from the Bombardier family and Quebec government
  • Modern technology enabling the company to become cement industry Best in Class
  • Detailed story
At McInnis, we have a luxury that we will pass on to our customers. We are starting our business from "scratch," yet we have a management team with decades of experience in ensuring customer satisfaction. We will take this advantage and develop systems and processes that will make for a "friendly" customer interface.
McInnis Cement Customer Promise
We can scale and grow with SAP.
Laeititia Debout, McInnis Cement
SAP S/4HANA for Sales & Distribution

Allowing O.C. Tanner to continue its transformation

  • $0.5B leader in the employee recognition industry
  • "We are a manufacturing company transforming into a high tech company"
  • Watch customer testimonial
Our process was archaic...and we fell in love with S/4HANA, CPQ, and Hybris because we saw how then can simplify our business.
Ethan Kennelly, Director of Enterprise Architecture and Program Management
SAP S/4HANA for Sales & Distribution

Benefits estimated for a leading consumer good manufacturer

  • A multibillion dollar company
  • A leader in various consumer brands
  • Global distribution network
  • Highly diverse consumer base and business highly seasonal and holiday-dependent
SAP S/4HANA for Sales & Distribution

MEMEBOX doubles in size with S/4HANA

  • Headquarters
    Seoul, South Korea (MEMBOX Inc.)
    San Francisco (MEMBOX Corp.)
  • Industry
  • Products and Services
    Beauty products
  • Employees
  • Revenue
    US$24 million (MEMEBOX Inc.)
    US$40 million (MEMEBOX Corp.)
  • Web Site
  • Partner
    Global Service & Support organization
With this stable platform and approach, the Korea team is able to support MEMEBOX in developing innovative business processes using SAP S/4HANA Finance, which is highly valuable as a quickly growing company. We look to SAP as a strategic partner that can guide us toward digital transformation.
Rio Kim, CFO, MEMEBOX Inc.


  • Improve the accuracy of inventory
  • Increase insight into logistics information
  • Create a secure foundation for global business expansion


  • High visibility and strong control of financial and logistics information in real time with the SAP® S/4HANA Finance solution
  • Support for the entire application lifecycle from implementation to operation


  • Deployed SAP S/4HANA Finance using the SAP HANA® Enterprise Cloud service in just five months
  • Minimized deployment risk and eased change management with greater visibility of processes and functionality using a system based on the "best model company" and SAP Application Management services
  • Improved competitive advantage, accelerated growth, and penetrated new markets with stronger logistics governance and supply control
  • Enhanced insight into customer interactions at every touch point, providing sales real-time

Future plans

  • Roll out the SAP ERP application in China and other markets to support global business expansion
  • Deliver best-fit customer insight solutions with marketing analytics, performance management, customer insights and segmentation, and customer insights and segmentation
Increase in revenue since the launch of SAP S/4HANA Finance
Shorter delivery lead time to customers
Increase in sales productivity with on-the-go data access
Improvement in inventory accuracy
Reduction in the closing period

SAP S/4HANA for Service

Value Drivers and Solution Enablers

  • Reduce Revenue Leakage
    Handle warranty claims efficiently for basic conditions or specific requirements, such as time- dependent or performance-dependent limits defined in warranties. Perform basic checks for warranty claims from a customer message, service or maintenance order, or billing request. Avoid revenue leakage by identifying service requests for “out of warranty” conditions.
  • Reduce Service Delivery and Support Cost
    Provide managers with full transparency into the entire service process, from initial contact and scheduling to execution and billing. Create a flexible approach to service delivery, addressing the unique financial and logistical considerations of each request.
  • Reduce Cost of Non Compliance to Service Contract
    Automate contract monitoring processes, promote and enforce 
legal standards, and make adjustments to contracts as necessary to improve the value of contracts by using a single business solution to generate, negotiate, and manage all contracts
  • Reduce Service Parts Inventory Carrying Cost
    Improve service parts planning, fulfillment, and customer service through integrated functionality for global parts sourcing, availability, and price optimization
Service Master Data Management
  • Technical assets, structures, and history
  • Service task list and catalogs
  • Service and maintenance
  • plan and event scheduling
Service Management
  • Service initiation
  • Service planning and scheduling
  • Service execution and delivery
  • Service control
  • Service billing and settlement
  • Claims, returns, and refund management
Service Parts Management
  • Service parts warehousing
  • Service parts fulfillment
Service Agreement Management
  • Operational contract management
  • Warranty management
SAP S/4HANA for Service Function

S/4HANA leading to safer client solutions by Carl Stahl

  • Family owned almost 150 year old
  • €300M revenue
  • 75 subsidiaries covering 90 countries
  • Over 1,500 employees
Our technicians generate much data by performing over 1.5m inspections a year. With S/4HANA, we experience 2x-3x reduction in the inspection time as well as a massive data reduction leading to lower server housing costs.
Stefan Aubele, IT Manager
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Architecture
  • Technocables
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Diversifications

SAP S/4HANA for Sourcing & Procurement

Value Drivers and Solution Enablers

  • Reduce Procurement Function Costs
    Reduce purchase order errors by creating integrated procurement documents. Streamline order processing by grouping, filtering, and downloading open demands. Improve employee productivity with intuitive requisitioning tools and business-to-consumer-like shopping experiences.
  • Improve Supplier Compliance (Spend Management)
    Reduce maverick buying by proposing only suppliers with valid contracts as a supply source
  • Improve User (Spec & Vendor) Compliance
    Decrease the need for manual intervention on purchase orders through cross-catalog search capabilities that help employees find an appropriate supply source
  • Increase Sourcing Savings by Enhanced Supplier Visibility
    Increase insight into the supplier portfolio with classified attributes and flexible search functionality. Gain deeper insight into supplier performance through evaluation results.
  • Reduce Accounts Payable Error
    Accelerate time to close through real-time integration with the general ledger and automated period-end functionality. Replace paper-based manual processes with automatic sending and receipt of invoice data.
Supplier Information & Master Data
  • Classification and segmentation
  • Supplier evaluation
Sourcing & Contract Management
  • Source assignment
  • Operational contract management
Operational Procurement
  • Requirements processing
  • Purchase order processing
  • Service purchasing
  • Procurement analytics
  • Self-service requisitioning
  • PO collaboration
Inventory & Basic Warehouse Management
  • Goods issue
  • Goods receipt
  • Basic warehouse management
  • Basic shipping
Invoice & Payables Management
  • Invoice processing
  • Accounts payable
  • Invoice collaboration
SAP S/4HANA for Sourcing & Procurement

Alliance Contract Manufacturing (ACM) rides the digitization wave

  • $100m revenue
  • Manufacturer and distributor of precision manufacturing solutions
  • 800 employees in Asia and Europe


  • Photonics, microwave, optics components
  • Electromechanical modules
  • Value added assemblies
  • Kodak supplier awards
The solutions implemented so far have positively impacted all business functions throughout the value chain for ACM.
Erik Looi Thong Chin, CIO
  • Module tuning & integration
  • Critical precision components
  • Precision Optics and Electromechanical assembly
Procurement savings
Lower inventory
Lower uncollectable AR

SAP S/4HANA for Manufacturing

Value Drivers and Solution Enablers

  • Reduce Total Manufacturing Costs
    Use BOM data to create a production version, eliminating confusion over correct product data. Streamline production through integration with other resource planning functionality, such as quality management and controlling. Planning functionality in SAP S/4HANA supports the plant- and MRP- area levels instead of the storage-location level, for greater simplicity. Separate planning of every subcontractor is possible without having to create an MRP-area-specific material master record.
  • Reduce Manufacturing Cycle Time
    Accelerate performance of daily manufacturing activities, thanks to powerful in-memory data processing. Simplified 2-way integration with simulation and planning tools - link strategic plan all the way to execution without the delay / latency of moving between systems and different costs models etc. Speed up back flushing process in high volume production scenario for inventory updates, as aggregate tables have been dropped.
  • Reduce Scrap Value
    Minimize the risk of creating products with the wrong parts. Enable timely responses to exceptions with improved visibility into real-time quality data throughout the product lifecycle.
Production Orchestration & Execution
  • Production control
  • Production execution
  • Basic subcontracting
  • Basic external processing
  • Repetitive manufacturing
  • Kanban
  • JIT outbound
SAP S/4HANA for Manufacturing

Enabling just-in-time manufacturing

Large manufacturer and distributor of consumer electronics
  • Multi-billion designer, manufacturer and distributor of personal health devices
  • S/4HANA, HEC, SAP Services for implementation
  • Replacement of NetSuite
We looked at various vendors but quickly understood that SAP was the right platform to enable our growth
VP Information Technology

Product Design

  • Overseas production
  • Batch order
  • Penalties

  • $100M
    The potential annual cost for missing manufacturing deadlines
  • Penalties from retailers can run at 3% of the order per week
  • Manufacturing schedule has to be synched with orders by time and quantity
SAP S/4HANA for Manufacturing

Vectus Industries drastically lowers cost with S/4HANA

  • India's leading and fastest growing pipe and water storage solution
  • Live on S/4HANA in 4 months
  • 28 locations in India, 24 of them live in May 2016; 4 others underway (phase 2)
There is a tremendous improvement in operating efficiency. Other customers should go for S/4HANA.
Manish Sinha, Head of IT at Vectus Industries

Key benefits of S/4HANA

  • 6 hours
    Gain per daily productivity for users: before S/4HANA they routinely worked 14 hours a day due to server downtime and manual processing
  • 15 min 3 min
    Average processing time per invoice with 10-15 items
  • 15% lower costs
    Production and operating costs with higher automation and visibility into costs vs. price
  • 4 hours
    Server downtime and no server restart needed anymore
  • 600 invoices
    Processed per day
  • 0 Discrepancy
    Prior to S/4HANA implementation, 2 system could produce results as different at 2 tons of scrap at the entry vs. 18 tons at the plant. With S/4HANA, discrepancies are eliminated
SAP S/4HANA for Manufacturing

Airbus DS Optronics: developing eagle vision into controlling processes

Airbus DS Optronics

Manufacturer of cutting edge optoelectronical systems


  • Actual orders and sales forecasts 2 days old
  • Run as batch processes in the legacy system
  • Controlling has obsolete data and cannot act as business partner
  • Managers have limited access to real-time data anywhere on any device
SAP S/4HANA provides the possibility to do reporting in real-time using in-memory technology. We are excited about the enormous potential.
Jochen Scheuerer, Director Information Technology, Airbus DS Optronics
We produce optronics and optical systems that are at the limits of physical possibilities. This is also reflected in our IT... all information including key figures and sales forecasts are available at the touch of a button and this is only possible with S/4HANA
Tobias Tenbrink, Head of Controlling / Accounting, Airbus DS Optronics

SAP S/4HANA for Research & Development

Value Drivers and Solution Enablers

  • Increase Revenue from New Products
    Monitor progress and financial performance of projects, identifying deviations and at-risk activities or issues
  • Optimize Research and Development Expense
    Consistent and standardized product data definitions across the enterprise. Integration of project controls with core business processes.
  • Reduce Engineering Change Cost
    Platform supports cross-enterprise innovation and product development processes.
Project Control & Product Development
  • Project financials control
  • Project logistics control
  • Project development foundation
Production Engineering
  • Production BOM management
  • Recipe/routing management
  • Inspection planning
Quality Management
  • Quality engineering
  • Quality inspection
  • Quality improvement
SAP S/4HANA for Research & Development

Value identified for a major manufacturer of consumer electronics

  • 24%
    Faster time to market for new products*
    When high tech organizations manage and centralize product information and development processes
  • 64%
    Higher operating margin*
    When company leadership has instant access to product metrics and visibility into new product pipeline status

*Source: SAP Performance Benchmarking. Performance gap between Q1 and Average companies based on the maturity of the underlying best practice.

SAP S/4HANA for Asset Management

Value Drivers and Solution Enablers

  • Reduce Un-Planned Downtime Or Outages
    Improve asset uptime with proactive maintenance planning and scheduling. Open work orders prioritized from different dimensions such as time, urgency, geographical proximity and inter-dependencies
  • Reduce Asset Service and Maintenance Costs
    Enable template based data entry for describing maintenance issues. Attach photo to maintenance request using the built-in camera of mobile device
  • Reduce Asset Risk
    Increase reliability of assets with accurate information collection
  • Reduce EH&S Penalties & Fines
    Enables organization to perform maintenance activities that enhance safety, environmental, and operational results
  • Reduce EH&S Management Cost
    Provides safety and environmental compliance through integrated permit and work clearance features
Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance planning & scheduling
  • Maintenance execution
SAP S/4HANA for Asset Management

Valued identified for a large port with heavy asset operations

  • Customer is looking to optimize its assets, improve emissions, and leverage the supplier and vendors to achieve higher asset productivity
  • 13%
    Increased asset productivity*
    Maintenance is streamlined and integrated with automated support for monitoring, status control, and finance accountability
  • 71%
    Lower recordable accident frequency*
    where safety and environmental systems are fully integrated with asset management
SAP S/4HANA for Asset Management

Diakonie Michaelshoven plans facilities investments with S/4HANA

  • Cologne-based non-profit organization
  • Care for over 14,000 people at 180 facilities (100 in Cologne and 80 in Bonn) $196m revenue; 2200 staff + 400 volunteers
  • Created in 1950 as an orphanage house, it is currently a holding for five charitable societies focused on assisted living and home care, adult learning, child care, refugee housing, and fair-trade stores.
  • Detailed story
  • Watch customer testimonial
People now are more proud and interact more. We are more attractive.
Uwe Ufer, Commercial Director
  • 1 hour
    lag in reporting all it took to lose governmental funding to a competitor
  • 150M
    annual reinvestment of proceeds into facilities
  • 15 People
    mostly from finance invested time upfront to plan S/4HANA implementation

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